Towards the end of the 18th century, the term „Viennese cuisine” came into being and was therefore equated with the Austrian cuisine.  

The Wiener Schnitzel is a thin knocked veal court, which is breaded with flour, egg and bread crumbs and then fried in oil and it will be a delicate savoury dish


The Tafelspitz (boiled beef) consists of the front, adjacent to the hip tail piece of beef or veal. This is cooked in a broth and then sliced and served with roast potatoes, horseradish sauce, chive sauce and a small serving of vegetables.

The apple strudel is a widely used Viennese strudel and is made with puff pastry, juicy apples, toasted bread crumbs, raisins, cinnamon and sugar. The apple strudel will be served with powdered sugar on the top.


The classic Viennese cuisine can be found in the „good middle-class " restaurants. Not only the food is praised highly here, but also the drinking culture. Since the 13th century beer is brewed in Vienna. In addition to the beer is especially the wine one of the most popular drinks. Vienna is the only city with a significant wine-growing.